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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Wonderful Retreat!

I am part of a wonderful writer's group called ANWA (American Night Writer's Association). The group is expanding all the time and is currently in Utah, Arizona, and Washington.
This past weekend was the North West Writer's Retreat sponsored by the "Round Tuit" chapter of ANWA. What a wonderful experience it was! I was able to meet fellow writer's, take informative & inspirational classes, and be around a group of women who are there for support! You can learn more about this retreat by visiting the website at
I am excited to take what I have learned and apply it to my writing. I am hoping to have my manuscript ready to submit soon and have a "game plan" in place to make that happen!
A big THANK YOU goes out to my friend and author, Jennifer Wolf ( for her help and support on my writing journey!
I will be posting a book critique soon of a book series that I am just finishing up. And I plan to post more book reviews going forward.