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Monday, July 29, 2013

My Bookmarks Have Arrived!!

I came home to a wonderful surprise today. A box was waiting on my chair in the office when I got home from camping for the week. I quickly tore into the box to find my bookmarks! I cheered, laughed, and cried.
As I get another step closer to my release party (August 3rd) and book launch party (Sept. 17th), the reality of my dream coming true becomes more real. I am a published author! Almost as soon as I say the words, I quickly diminish the accomplishment by saying to myself, "It's only a short story" (which my husband hates that I do). Yes, it's only a short story; grouped together in a book of other short stories but it's still a big deal! My writing was liked well enough to be published, I won't diminish that!
Next weekend is my Facebook book launch. It's exciting to share my book with everyone. I look forward to being part of all the fun games and activities and giving out my own prizes. I found nail polish called Silver STUNNER- perfect for my story. I found a manicure set and small backpack to put it all together in. I'm excited to give that prize away. I also have bookmarks, posters, and a really cool ring to give away too. Let the games begin!
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The support I have received from family, friends, and complete strangers has been amazing! So thankful for amazing people in my life!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

That's MY Name on that Cover!!

I have been anxiously waiting for the cover release for the upcoming Anthology that my short story is being published in. Today, it was released!!
I had already seen a preview of the cover but wasn't able to share it yet, so getting the "Ok" today was amazing! I want to shout out to everyone, "That's my name on that cover!" I'm excited to be a part of this project and to be a part of such an amazing team of writers! It's been fun to learn about each Author and their stories. All of them are so unique, it'll be fun to see the reviews! So, without further delay, here it is, the cover:

The release date is set for July 31, 2013. It may change but for now, that's the target date. The next BIG step is getting ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies). I hope to be able to get some people to read and review it as a pre-published push. 
I guess it's just an exciting thing to know that your dreams have come true! I have always wanted my name on the cover of a book. Now, it's a reality! My next goal- getting a full novel published! 
To learn more about the upcoming book (and more about my AWESOME publishing company) visit: