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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Say It With Me: NAN-O-WRI-MO!!

For the last two years I have attempted the NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month, contest. Let me explain what that means, exactly. You create your account/login and input the information about your story. You can choose "Writing Buddies" to share the journey with too. (Usually you pick people you know) Then the madness begins November 1st. For the whole month of November, you do nothing but write. You don't edit, you don't re-read- you WRITE! The goal is to complete an entire novel, start to finish, in one month!

I must admit, when I first signed up (two years ago) to participate, I thought, "This will be so easy!" Boy was I wrong! The first NANO, kicked my rear! I found that even when you have good intentions to write, life keeps you busy! I felt that events around me all conspired to keep from the computer! With a husband, children, school & church responsibilities, I couldn't find the time! Needless to say, I failed, miserably!
So when the second year rolled around I again sounded my battle cry, "I will complete the NANOWRIMO!" And, although I came closer, I failed again. The reason for this failure was two-fold. I, once again, found it hard to find time to write, AND I didn't have my story solidified. I was flying by the seat of my pants (which, for me, is not my favorite thing). I started drifting off in a direction I didn't like and ultimately abandoned ship!
So what will keep me from a third doomed attempt, you may wonder? In truth, I don't know. But I will say that this time I'm even more prepared. I have a solid story line, outlined and all. The characters are alive in my head- conversations and scenes always taking place. I have a better schedule to keep me on track and I have announced to everyone (my Facebook family and friends) that I am doing it! This all gives me the adequate push to keep going!
Another positive: I will be attending a Writer's Retreat November 7-9th ( I will be a class presenter as well. Starting the month off engulfed in writing will help me get focused and hopefully stay that way throughout the month.
I think it is wonderful that there are organization, programs, and contests out there like NANOWRIMO, that keep writers going! The field is saturated with Authors of all sorts and it can be intimidating to jump into the fray. However, when we are given the talent to write, we should share that gift with others!
My new story, Abandoned Grace, has been a wonderful experience putting together. It started out as another, completely different (genre and all) story line. But when I began to learn the history of a small town, north of where I live, it fascinated me! Technically, it would be considered Historical Fiction, but it is also a scary thriller about a sociopath! So I am currently going to deem it a Thriller.

I will post throughout the month about my journey- as well as posts on Facebook. I truly hope I can finish this time and feel the joy of completing such a large feat!
I also plan to submit my story to Xchyler Publishing when I am finished. They are currently accepting open submissions through the end of the year! How exciting to be able to submit to the publishing company who already published my work! I hope to end the year on a high note- already completing my goal for 2013 (to get published). I look forward to the chaotic, taxing, wonderful, month of November!

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